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Tell legislators to use Pennsylvania's new teacher evaluation system to reward excellent teachers and keep them where they belong: in the classroom, teaching our kids.

  • What do Massachusetts, Tennessee and Louisiana have in common? They all created innovative models to turn their chronically low-performing schools into high-ahievers. Find out how they did it and what lessons we can learn in our latest issue brief.

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  • by Catie Stephenson

    See what a PA State Representative, the President & CEO of the Pennsylvania Business Council and the Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Education have to say about our latest issue brief, "Real Accountability, Real Results: The path to improving Pennsylvania's lowest-perforning schools"!


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Great schools change everything.

All of our children deserve great schools, no matter their background. Together with Pennsylvanians across the state, PennCAN fights for research-backed education reforms to make sure that every child has access to a great school.

What you’re saying...
  • As a mother of two young boys and a former public school teacher, I believe that the quality of education my children receive should not depend on our zip code. I support the work that PennCAN is doing in Pennsylvania, and am excited that they are building the necessary support on both ends of the political spectrum to advocate for all of Pennsylvania’s children. 

    Abby Smith
    Feb 11 2013
  • One of my core beliefs is that all children deserve the right to an excellent education and that with the right policies and practices in place, achievement-gap busting schools in low-income communities can become the rule and not the exception.  I'm a supporter of PennCAN because they are fighting every day to make that vision a reality. 

    Tre Johnson
    Feb 11 2013