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Guest Blog – Will There Be Childcare at Your Event?

By Medina Jackson, PA YouCAN Advocate

I am the parent of a 7 year old intelligent, ENERGETIC, curious, inquisitive, kinesthetic soon to be second grader. As a community educator, spoken word and Hip Hop artist, and blogger I am consistently asked to participate in a variety of educational efforts. When hearing about upcoming community engagement events, I’m the lady who always asks this tried and true question…”Will there be childcare at your event?”

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PA’s Pension Crisis and the Cost of Doing Nothing

If you are even remotely interested in state politics, then you know that the General Assembly is poised to pass a pension reform bill that Governor Wolf has indicated he will sign.

And if you are interested in education policy, then you also know that rising pension costs are the number one issue keeping superintendents and school board members up at night.