On June 6, 2016, the Public School Notebook published an article by Dan Hardy highlighting the need for changes to PA’s Charter School Law.  The article cited PennCAN’s Executive Director:

“One thing everyone agrees on is that the current formula is broken,” said Jonathan Cetel, executive director of PennCAN, a group that pushes for high-quality schools and focuses much of its attention on increasing choice for low-income parents. “It all comes back to this: All school systems in Pennsylvania, both school districts and charters, are the victims of an inequitable funding system.”…

Cetel agrees that cyber charters should not be funded by the same formula as brick-and-mortar charters. A payment system reflecting their real costs should be devised, he said. And “the research has been pretty unambiguous that the academic performance of cyber schools has been poor. … I would like to see the focus on their academics. … I think we will see changes soon – every lawmaker has a cyber charter student in their district.”

Click here to read the full article.


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